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... w e l c o m e ...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugarpaste Roses

Buy dis from cake connection, Jaya 1, PJ...
Sesuai sgt tuk wedding/engagement cuppies..
Skrg...u all blh la request tuk letak sugarpaste roses ni kt cuppies korg.. ;)
~Available in elegant white, deep red & purplish pink.~

Elegant White

Deep Red

Purplish Pink


  1. did u ask wether they use halal gelatin or not?u can make ur own fondant/sugarpaste if u want..its way cheaper and can last for months :)

  2. yes..i ada tanya diorg.
    all the ingredients used in the flowers are halal.
    i xpnah lg try buat sugarpaste/fondant sdr..
    mmg tringin sgt nk try.. =)